Application for Rhonwen

Hi! This is my official application to join GOML.

I created this character, Rhonwen - Troll Beast Mastery Hunter on Tanaris in 2006. This is my favorite character, even though I have played all roles.

I did a lot of raiding in the past (mostly healer roles) up until Cataclysm when I met my husband (Brochacho) playing WoW. We took a break to raise our boys and then came back during Legion when they started sleeping through the night!

I think 45 is basically ancient in the gaming world, so I can’t really be called a gamer girl anymore, but I like to put a crap ton of arrows into monsters and Alliance. Also, I like the idea of trading brownie recipes in the middle of Orgrimmar.

Greetings and Salutations!

Thank you for your application. You are missing a few key details we require in our apps. You can go to and see what you missed. I’ll quiz you once you’re in your interview.

Next time you’re online, just do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask to be directed to an officer for a quick and painless interview. Should you have any trouble getting a hold of one of us, just post a good time to meet up in-game and one of us will hop on. I’m on now and will be tomorrow if you wanted to whisper for a quick and painless interview.


Thanks! I tried messaging you tonight but you were AFK. Tomorrow, then… I’ll tell you whatever you want to know!

Interviewed and approved by Gummer. Please give forum access as I forget how. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for having me!

You’re such a slacker, Gummer.

It’s true…I am.