Application For Quantix


I’m a “well aged” wow player, starting back in Vanilla. My original rogue character was made on the opening day of the Greymane server. I’ve played through most of the expansions, however taking a break here and there as life dealt different cards. Most of my time in game has been with a good group of folks in my current guild; a casual fun loving group that did activities together. Over time life has taken us different ways and we don’t have the game time as a group any more. So Legion and BFA haven’t been the same for myself group wise and I’ve been on the search for a similar group of people to play the game with, or to at least have some great laughs with as the game stomps on us :slight_smile:.

Being over 40, the answer to “how I got started with gaming” involved many allowances worth of quarters fed into Galaga, Donkey Kong and other games in the 80’s. Gaming to me has always been something I found fun and it’s the sharing of that fun with others that has always had me looking out for like minded folks.

On voice coms, if you accept my applications, you may hear my Labrador retrievers occasionally voice their opinion. I have 3 of them and they will lay as close to my chair as possible and still try to get closer to me. We also have ~20 laying hens… the number varies based on if my wife sneaks more into the barn, but she says I need better glasses and that I should just be quiet & eat my omelette .

In game wise, I mostly play my druid… either healing or damage (boomkin). Generally better at dps than healing… telling people to “walk it off” or “rub some dirt in it” doesn’t seem to work in game, but I try :slight_smile:. While I have a long list of alts, I tend to just have the most fun with the druid class; plus my youngest daughter is convinced druids in wow are actually Maui from Moana.

Thank you for your consideration!


Quantos (Druid)
Quantix (Rogue)
& company

Your favorite class is a druid you say? Let’s get this guy an invite!

In all seriousness though, thank you so much for your detailed application. Keep an eye out for an officer in guild for a quick and relatively painless interview. Do a /who Get Off My Lawn and any member should be able to direct you to one.

Interviewed and approved by Ryla. Welcome to the Lawn!

Oh… I see how he got into the guild so fast. Darn Drooooooooods. xD Was awesome playing with you on Thursday! Welcome to the guild. =D

It’s great to be here! Thursday was a heck of an entertaining time. Looking forward to more such group fun!