Application for Putrefied and Gennyprime

Good afternoon,

My wife and I would love to join your guild if possible. We are both level 60 horde mages, I Putrefied am undead, fire mage, she is a blood elf arcane. We are looking for a social guild with dungeons and raids if possible. We are both older folks, myself 56 she is 60. We currently reside on Tanaris. We both been playing for many years, while she like the social, farming aspects of the game, I am drawn to the more challenging points. We both stopped playing a couple years ago due to the fact we felt the game not that much fun anymore. With our 4 children fully grown and engaged in their own lives, and the last of our 3 dogs getting older by the day, he is a 13 years old golden retriever, we thought we give the game another shot.

Hello Putrefied and Gennyprime!

I have to give a profuse apology that your app slipped by our notice. We are definitely an active guild, but a lot of our daily communications have shifted to Discord and somehow all of the officers and myself missed the notice of your app. For what it’s worth, I’ll be looking into setting up a better notification system for future apps so this doesn’t happen again.

Should you both still be interesting in joining our guild, please don’t hesitate do a /who Get off my lawn and ask any member for an officer, or if I’m online (Mirosa-Tanaris), please message me directly and I’ll make sure you’re invited.

Again, my sincerest apologies for dropping the ball on this.