Application For Melic

Hello, I am Seth, I am 35, I have been playing this game since vanilla. I started playing when I was in the ARMY as a way to escape from life in general. I had a great friend that got me hooked. I really enjoy being able to dive in and nerd out. I also watch a lot of anime and build Gundam kits as a hobby.

Being able to play this game has still continued to help me after I left the ARMY, to deal with anxiety. I had a guild that I ran my main on, but everyone has since moved on or lost contact. So, for the past few expansions I have just ran solo and pugged everything. I’m defiantly not the best at the game but ill make you laugh kind of like “Leroy Jenkins.”

Finding a permanent guild would be amazing. The guild page is so Indepth and I can tell that the leaders of this guild have taken the time to make it a place to grow and make friends. I’m kind of a loner, so my wife has helped me so much to branch out in my social life. I figured I would try and send and application in to see if I would be a good fit.

I am a B/M hunter just started this expansion. My first album was the foo Fighters " Learning to Fly."

Hi Seth!

Thanks for making such a great app, it sounds like you’d be a great fit around here.

Contrary to what you’ll undoubtedly hear from your future fellow guildies, I only get people killed on their first runs to create a true sense of welcoming and belonging. (how else does an undead foster such a thing, right? One of us…)

Anyway, before I scare you off with my unfiltered honesty and love of brains, please message any member the next time you’re in game (/who Get Off My Lawn) to be directed to an officer for a very quick interview/invite. =)