Application for Limes

Hello! I’m Limes. Some of you might know me, I’ve been raiding with the guild for close to a year now. Taking the plunge to join the guild after many years out on my own.

I’ve been playing WoW since about 2007, pretty one trick with my shaman. Raided for a bit in Cata and then again with you fine folks in Legion. I’m an achievement hunter and always up for old content and grinds.

I live in good ol’ Canada with my husband, son, and perky pug. I run my own business and love that it gives me lots of time to play the games I love. If I’m not playing wow, I’m usually playing HoTS or magic with the buds.

I promise to keep the cat off the keyboard from now on Mir! :whistle:

F8CK YA! =D /happy undead dance where stuff falls off. xD

About time!

Or did you mean… about Lime(s). Ya… a bit too early in the morning to form good jokes. =P

That is just unacceptable Mir

Wow, Mir… just wow. Go have some coffee :stuck_out_tongue: