application for Lecowskii

Hey there you bunch of old farts…

I guess I should start off with a little about me… I’m 42… no wait… it’s 2017… so 43. I’m married and have 2 step kids. I am a professional babysitter for a large injection molding company up in the great white north… eh.

I have been playing WOW since BC. I was actually in GOML way back in the day with my first toon (ashwilliams). At least I think it was my first toon, it’s been so long. I have taken breaks from WOW from time to time usually due to work and family expectations but I am sure we are all aware of the reality of being over 16.

For my gaming history… I started I think on a VIC20, or a commodore 64. Playing gauntlet if I remember correctly. I do remember playing that game for hours. I am sure this should prove my age better than any picture of my driver’s licence.

As for my time in WOW, all pve, I tried pvp once and frankly I really sucked at it, so I stick with the content provided. I will admit that I do have a bad habit of chasing achievement points for some strange reason. Oh and long walks on the beach… at sunset… those are fun too.

Anyway I hope this give you a little insight into me. talk to you soon


I totally remember Ashwilliams. I really want to say you played a rogue, but its been a few years. I just remember your name being yellow in gchat. xD

Returning members in good standing do not have to re-interview if one of us long time officers remember you. Simply ask anyone in guild for an officer and you will be reinvited. If joining with a toon other than ashwilliams, please just put the character name here to avoid confusion. =)

wow your memory is pretty good, it was a rogue. The toon I will be joining with with be Lecowskii, a ret pally

Reinvited by Mikey!
(I don’t remember how to give forum access though) :slight_smile:

Have you not interviewed/invited in a while, Mikey? xD

Fixed! =D