Application for Jitlok

Hey Everyone!

This is Jitlok on Tanaris, IRL friend of Furiosa and an Enhancement Shammy that would like to join your guild!

Ultimately looking for just new people to play with and have fun, and raiding with you guys last Tuesday seemed like a good fit.

I have been playing this game off and on since launch with another guild that started on Kil’Jaeden and moved to Sargeras. However due to real life being as it is, they all had to stop playing, thus i’m looking for something new and that’s what brought me here on suggestion from Furiosa.

For the most part i’m a laid back guy who just wants to play more with people then progress, as long as it’s fun to be on and work with, then it doesn’t’ matter to me how slow it goes. Will try to rattle off just about anything if you can get me in a conversation about it especially other video games and the correct choice of not having pineapple on pizza!

if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Totally a win with that view on pineapple and pizza! That pairing should have never come to be! Welcome to the Lawn

Now banana peppers on pizza, that’s good eats. And meats…meats is good eats on pizza too. Now I want pizza… dammit ><

Anyway, just grab one of the officers for a super fast interview/invite the next time you’re online. =)

Ruby forgot to mention that he interviewed Jitlok! Welcome to the lawn. =D

Yes, sorry i did - left that part out X). So, how many people with ADD does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Wanna ride bikes?

I like traffic lights!