Application for Gorlabtoo

I’ve been raiding with Mirosa and crew for a while and have come to truly enjoy their company and hijinks. Combine that with a slowly dying guild and a server dominated by Alliance and I feel like it is time for a change.
Been gaming for long time, and WOW since classic.
I promise to always bring food to raid and cookies if you ever are in Palm Harbor,FL.
Mir needs a butter keeper because we all need a butter keeper. How else are we to store our butter? I personally enjoy this model since it is both stylish and also has the name on the front to remind me of what it contains.
I think that is it for me. If you need to know know more please hit me up in game.



I accept your offering of this well-named style of butter keeper! Also, super glad to have you over here. =D !!!

Next time you’re on, just ask anyone in the guild to poke whatever poor schlep I forced into being an officer to give you an invite.

It’s about time! Lol, I saw your app this morning (yes, a little late) and thought, “gee, wonder why someone is posting on such an old thread?” You’ve been around so long I forgot you weren’t in the guild yet!