Application for Doobiety


My name might change during the transfer (Tajira of Mok’Nathal). I was referred to by Ediyon (Probably butchered her name but she’s used to me butchering things). I am 33 years old, living in England formerly from Canada. I’ve been into MMO’s since FFXI came out 17 years ago. I came into WoW just as BC was about to be released. I’m pretty much left the hardcore, uptight, drama-riddled life behind me and have really zero patience for it. If I want to pick flowers all day I’m gonna pick them damn flowers all day! Don’t you be telling me I need to heal the tank! Flowers. Need. Picking. And Gnomes need some punting. Always have time for that. I’m quite casual, always cracking terrible jokes, jumping off cliffs and breaking my legs only to have Bownsamdi mock me. Seriously dude needs to lay off. I have fragile bones. They break… often.

I joined with Mok’Nathal with my friend who in turn left me and in turn, I got kicked out for not raiding (which was a change requirement). I’ve been homeless for quite a while and would love to join GOML.

Signed in squiggles,

Doobiety (Tajira)

Ya, you totally belong here. xD

Message anyone in guild for an officer the next time you’re on for a quick interveiw/invite. =D

Interviewed and invited by Ryla. Welcome to the Lawn!