Application for Delaunay

Past gaming experience - Tabletop and video games since the late 80’s. Been playing WoW off and on since vanilla.

Personality type - mostly chill

What you’re looking to try in the future - retirement, a few dollars and a place on the beach?

A silly story about your Jazzy or Hoveround - i like to chase the floor washer Zamboni thing at Walmart on the power scooters??

How many pets you have and whether or not they can play a mean warlock while you’re afk - 2 IRL, nothing good in game

How you got into gaming - friends that became an extended family. Been listening to Aderynn talk about the newest couple of expansions and I dediced to come back and give the game a try again. So far I have been happy.

Theories as to why our GM Mirosa so desperately wants a butter keeper - to keep the butter from drying out on the table.

What you would do with a million billion dollars and a skull shaped island - a million dollars, waste it ranching a skull shaped island, i would build my dooms day device to release millions of iphone look alike killer robots.

Of COURSE you’d ranch the skull shaped island. :wink:

Feel free to poke me or any of the other officers next time you’re on and we’ll get you the friends and family treatment.