Application for dalax64 (Character Elleorra)

I’ve been raiding with the New-2-Raid group led by Mirosa for several weeks and I would love to be part of your Guild. I began the transfer of Elleora from Earthen Ring to Tanaris today (2/11/2017) and hope you approve my membership.

My gaming experience started with the original Pong. Yes, the controller had a light dimmer knob and that was it. As a kid, most Sundays were spent at the local grocery store, spending my grass mowing money on comic books (still prefer Marvel but there has always been room in my heart for Batman and Indies) and a Galaga arcade machine. If you still doubt my age, I’ll add that in the Winter I would walk the 3.5 miles to the grocery through the snow, shoeless, uphill both ways.

Another highlight of my gaming history is having played through the original Doom. On slackware Linux. Loaded from 3.5" floppies. Back when Id was cool.

But my favorite game remains WoW, though I took a break towards the end of MoP. I missed it terribly, though, so I came back for Legion and this expansion truly is the best the game has ever been (in my experience).

On my mobile I spend most of my gaming time playing Backgammon and Galaga Wars - if you haven’t tried GW yet, do. They’ve done a fantastic job breathing new life into it.

IRL I am an Information Security professional working for a large multi-national. I am father and step-father to 4 daughters, 13-26, and grandfather to two girls, ages 2 and 8.

Thank you for your consideration.

Server transfer to Tanaris has completed.

Awesome app. Love the part about Doom! I actually got to play it in pre-alpha before any of the baddies and such were added in - just some demonic tomes and stuff laying about. Welcome to the lawn - I’ll see if you’re still online and get you a proper invite

Oh and how do I approve you on the forums again ?!?!

xD !!! So glad you found us over here! If Ruby didn’t get to you tonight, just try to log in about 10 minutes early for the raid and one of us will give you the super fast interview and invite. =)

Ruby- admin control panel, find them in the search and add them to the group for guild member and then make it their primary group. =D Hope that gets you there, if not, I’ll run you through it tomorrow night.