Application for Bojae

Past gaming experience: I have been playing on and off since BC(which is still my fav xpac) I have lots of Alliance toons and some Horde, so I swing both ways.

Personality type: I am pretty shy until I get to know you.

What you’re looking to try in the future: Just here for the cookies, also maybe some raiding if I can stay awake long enough.

A silly story about your Jazzy or Hoveround: I don’t know what either of these things are.

How many pets you have and whether or not they can play a mean warlock while you’re afk: I have 1071 pets and they could all not only play a warlock, they could beat a warlock and all his pets…blindfolded.

How you got into gaming. Stupid ex husband, but thanks to that douchecanon, I met my current husband.

Theories as to why our GM Mirosa so desperately wants a butter keeper: More to the point, who wouldn’t want one?(I have one)

What you would do with a million billion dollars and a skull shaped island: Well I already have my skull shaped island…so the money is just a bonus I guess…

Gummer approved her and interviewed. Kayse gave forum access

Stole my thunder.

Learn to forum access, newb.