Application for Baelairne


Recently defected alliance here, couldn’t handle the lack of cooperation in my guild and in general among the alliance. Far too much toxicity among “allies”. I originally played Horde back in vanilla and BC days, but took quite a long break after. I returned to the game when BfA was about to be released, really didn’t have much time before due to having young kids. I am 33 and have a lot of gaming left in me =)

I’m looking for a guild that’s more casual than serious, and does things other than just raiding. Raiding is great, but I’ve never been one to spend hours trying to master mechanics just to have a slim chance at some marginal upgrade. I’m a big fan of war mode and world pvp. Assaults are probably my favorite thing at the moment.

My main is a Feral Druid (393 ilvl atm), I do have some alts, but they are Alliance. Don’t have any plans to spend the $$ to convert them, so they’ll probably just gather dust. I am considering leveling a Paladin, we’ll see if I have the time and motivation.

Here’s hoping there’s room for me, thanks!


My apologies for the delayed response. Sometimes our officers forget to check in mid week to the public section of the forums and/or had a root canal (true story). xD

It sounds like you would be a great fit for our guild, so please message any member the next time you’re online to be directed to one of those lazy (or recovering) officers for a quick interview/invite.

Ok… back to my pudding. =P