Application for Aralak


Aralak here! I started playing WoW in the middle of Cata and have played each expansion since. I have been playing with Wartick, Aisling, Svan, and Skorm off and on for several years on different servers. Playing Ret/Holy Paladin this expansion and am interested in mostly running mythic dungeons and leveling alts. Would also be down to raid if I can fit it in with my work schedule.

I am originally from the Midwest, currently living in Texas. I got into gaming mostly playing franchise mode in Madden, MVP baseball, NHL, etc. I am a big Chicago sports fan.

Thanks for the consideration


First off, have to warn you, I saw your name as “Alarak” and I’m that’s likely to stick with me. xD If you’re good with that (because tbh, I mess up everyone’s name, ask Wartic), then welcome to the lawn. =D

Just grab one of the officers next time you’re on for a quick interview/invite. =D

Interviewed and approved by Ryla. Welcome to the Lawn!