Application for Aradya

Because I follow directions (usually) fairly well (generally)

  1. what was the name of the first album you ever owned
    Dance Hits the 90’s
  2. what is your favorite color.
    Purple…or iridescent, or iridescent purple

    Importantish bits:

I’m 33, have been gaming MMOs for about 15 years. I’ve dabbled in Diablo (2 and 3), Everquest II, Guildwars I, SWTOR but mostly WoW. I started playing maybe about a year before BC? I honestly can’t remember at this point. I play WoW fairly casually and scoured the Guild Finder and really like the sound of your guild. I’m not a raider, I will do mythics (eventually) and I occasionally have some awesome one-liners. My mains are all alliance but it can be hard to find non-drama or headache inducing players so I may kind of end up defecting. I currently just have the one horde character and if I decide to stay I’ll probably make more ( I have an alt problem).

I steer clear of drama and enjoy knitting on the weekends… well I work on the weekends but I do enjoy knitting, and crocheting and spinning… and painting, drawing and staring longingly at my poor, neglected viola in the corner.

I’m online mostly mon-weds currently due to work but that will change drastically in May and beyond. I’m 8 months pregnant so there will be a gap in my online presence but I doubt it will last more than a couple months. (yes it’s my first child, no it’s not my first pregnancy, no I’m not bashful about talking about it.)

Anyway, I like the sound of a social guild that doesn’t put up with the dramas and appreciates a sense of humor.

Hi Aradya! Thank you for your detailed app. Please keep an eye out for any officer online for an interview, or just do a /who get off my lawn and ask any member if one is available.

Or if you have any trouble getting an officer, you can also just post a good time to reach you in game over the next few days. =D

That sounds great :slight_smile: My play time can be a bit sporadic XD

Currently It looks like at various times(morning some and evening some) 4/1 and probably most of the day on the 3rd when I’m not being a responsible car owner. Other times are random lol :slight_smile:

I’ll be playing on 4/1 after 5:00 just running timed mythic+, so if you don’t get an immediate response, I’m just busy wiping the group and will get back to you asap.

I don’t typically play on Wednesdays, so hopefully another officer might be around in case we don’t meet up on Monday.

Also, because I don’t want you to spy on the other app and see this sweet offer and wonder wtf, you’re totally welcome to do the same (though who in their right mind would? Amirite?) xD:

-You can also choose trial by discord… /gasp… where you hop into voicechat while we’re raiding tonight and get grilled. For some, it is the righteous path to membership. For the rest of us, its just a good time. xD

Ya, ya, I’m being silly this afternoon. Can’t wait to unleash my childish energy on the learning raid tonight! mwhahahaha

Interviewed and approved by Mikey!

Woot, so glad you got someone! Welcome to the lawn. =D