Application for admission


I am Michael (Bruukaal on Tanaris). Over the summer, a member of this guild, Rmajere/Sturmbblade/PaxTharkas, and I shared a house while I was interning at an entertainment/puppet company in Nashville, TN. After he and I bonded over the Dragonlance books and old school D&D, the subject of WoW came up. I have had an on and off relationship with WoW that started back when the Ulduar raid was released in WotLK. I’m a very casual WoW player, only recently getting into “end game” content in the with MoP and WoD, albeit mostly in LFR. I told Rmajere/Sturmbblade/PaxTharkas that I wanted to get back into the game after taking almost a year off, and he directed me to this guild, and said it seemed right up my alley for my play style (mostly just an exploration enjoying, fun loving, lore whore).

I am a full time 30 y/o student at the University of Connecticut, just started my senior year studying for my BFA in Puppet Arts. Since I’m majoring in a theatre art, I don’t always have a lot of time to devote to playing. Outside of WoW, I enjoy reading, art, and of course, puppets. I’m very laid back, enjoy a casual, no drama play space, and have a great sense of humor!

I main a 110 mage, Tephiroth (currently on the Bloodhoof server), and will be moving her to this realm if/when I get settled into the guild.

I hope my application here finds all of you well, and I look forward to hearing from any and all officers on the matter!

Also, I noticed one of the suggestions for the application content was “Theories as to why out GM Mirosa so desperately wants a butter keeper”. I have a theory for that: While Mirosa is an undead mage, and not a gnome, she does employ gnomes in her secret dungeon as torturers. There, the gnomes use buckets of hot, melted butter as a torture device, subjecting the inmates to “butterboarding”, a greasy and messy offshoot of waterboarding. It in somewhat more effective than its standard base, as the butter leaves an oily residue and a thick stench about the inmate. Being an organic matter, however, Mirosa needs a “butter keeper” to maintain the stock, a gnome most trusted by Mirosa to make sure the batches produced and stored for tortures do not rot too quickly.

Thanks for reading and considering!

Michael (Bruukaal on Tanaris)

xD !!! I am totally using ‘butterboarding’ as a threat in our Learn2Raid group… bwhahhaah

Thanks for the amazing app, that was pretty amazing. =D

Next time you’re online, just message any member (/who Get Off My Lawn), and ask for an officer. With it being a holiday weekend, this might be slightly more difficult, so you could also leave a time here where you will be on and one of us can try to log in. =) Otherwise, most of us will be on Tuesday. =D

Hahaha thank you! Though, I should admit that it is not an original idea; I got it from a short story I read last year that a friend emailed to me. I should share it with you so you can post it for all to Learn2Raid-ers to see!

I’ll be one periodically over the next few days, so I’ll keep an eye out for any officers. Thank you!

I am so sorry that I missed your tell earlier. I happened to scroll up in my chat way later and saw it, but was leading the Learn2Raid Heroic group at the time. If you’ll be on anytime Wednesday, let me know and I can hop online. =)

Not to worry! I kind of assumed you wouldn’t see it since I saw you were in the Tomb, but I figured I’d try anyway. I don’t know if I’ll be on tonight, as I need to stay late at the puppet lab at school and finish a project. If/when I get on, I’ll see if you’re there or just find an officer.