Application for a Really Guy :-P


My name is Myn in game on Tanaris, Elemental Shaman.

Past gaming: hooboy lots, well how about first Online 1997 Ultima Online started in the first beta and played unitll ahh well I still have accounts but do not play much, so that’s 24 years of Ultima online, first Game was a MUD WAY back in the Trash80 days an old text based adventure called Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. not much into consul games, just PC
I have been playing WoW since first day it started, and have seen many come and go.

Personality: hmm ya OLD…er I am Technically considered a Senior, but I don’t think that old. I’m easy going very hard to offend, and just mostly been solo playing the last few years.

I would like to play in groups more often, but not really necessary to my enjoyment of the game, I may try to start a holy paladin again, but get kinda board after a while.

Not quite yet to the jazzy or hoverround yet, but with this pinched sciatica it may not be far away fingers crossed that I will NEVER need one.

pets: 1 14 year old Cat, ya she’s easy to get alone with

as to how I gotz into gaming, I was a D&Der WAY back in the 70/80’s so kinda in my blood

doesn’t EVERYONE want a Butter Keeper?! heck I’m and Old…er guy and I want one!..
“whispers to oldest daughter” psss what’s a butter keeper?!

hmm one million billion doll hairs? ahh well not sure, but as to the skull shaped island, is it anything like
the DnD module Tomb of Horrors? ya no sooo ahh keep it lol

I’m not really that old…er, even though I’m almost 60 in a few years

and as to the rumors that I fall asleep during Raids, it’s a LYE, a bold faces Ly…ZzzZzzZzz


thanks for reading.

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Hey!!! I am so sorry that your app slipped passed our lazy officers’ notice!!! As GM, it can say it was 100% the fault of someone other than myself, even though we have a forum bot that pings me the second someone apps. /innocent whistle.

I kid, totally my fault and we’d love to have you. Please message anyone for an officer the next time you’re on and we’ll get you right in. <3


haha, not a prob, I will message someone when I’m on thank you