Application (Avlec-Greymane)

Hi. I’m looking for a guild to hang out with for the upcoming expansion. Currently leveling a death knight who I believe will believe will be my main for Legion. In addition to the DK tank I will most likely be playing a bear druid (as of this moment). I’d generally be down for some 5 man dungeons at any time. I’m currently 29 and will be 30 by the end of the year.

Past gaming experience
I’ve been playing video games since I first played Captain Comic, Commander Keen, and Prince of Persia when I was young. I started playing WoW on the European servers during vanilla and have been playing on and off (mostly on) during every expansion.

Personality type
I’m quiet. Generally don’t have much to say and you’ll often have to /w me directly to get my attention. I stay fairly active and cycle several times per week. I try to help out when I can. At age 28 I’ve decided to go back to college and pursue a degree in IT.

What you’re looking to try in the future
For Legion I’m mostly looking forward to the 5 man content. WoD was my first experience in raiding and while I enjoyed it I won’t have the time available to commit to raiding since starting school while still working part time.

A silly story about your Jazzy or Hoveround
We have a motorized scooter/cart at my work and I keep telling my store manager that he’ll need one soon.

How many pets you have and whether or not they can play a mean warlock while you’re afk
I have a dog and a cat. I’m pretty sure my cat could outplay me if he wanted to but he doesn’t come downstairs because the dog would probably eat him.

How you got into gaming
Captain Comic. Commander Keen. I played a bunch of old 2d platformers when I was young. I remember watching my dad play through all of Prince of Persia and I thought it was so cool since I couldn’t even get out of the first level. My first console was an Amiga and I played a bunch of Golden Axe on it.

Theories as to why our GM Mirosa so desperately wants a butter keeper
A butter keeper will keep your butter nice and soft for easy spreading so why wouldn’t everyone want one?

What you would do with a million billion dollars and a skull shaped island
Sell the island and buy a ton of bikes. Also never work another day in my life.

Thanks for the great app, it sounds like you would fit in well around the lawn. Wait… invasions just started. You’re not a demon, are you? o.O

Hmmmm… your answers were almost too good. Did someone in the guild feed them to you? Are they a demon too? =O

We’re doomed! /runs around with fel fire all over me.

Ok, ok… I just had coffee, all is fine! If I didn’t scare you away (and you’re not a demon intending to set fire to our lawn), please message any member next time you’re on for a quick and painless interview (unless we find out that you are, in fact, a demon… then prepare to burn!) =P

So unfortunately the /who command won’t pick up the guild because I am on the connected realm, Greymane, while the guild is on Tanaris. Could someone from the other side contact me since I can’t find anyone through the /who system? It will be Avlec-Greymane.

That’s an unexpected issue with cross-realm, doh!

I will let the other officers know to keep an eye out for you to be online. Also feel free to message Mirosa-tanaris or Aderynn-tanaris if you see either of us online. With the demon invasions going on, these two names are the most likely to be on when you are. =) If we don’t catch you in the next day or so, please just post a time when you know you’ll be online and one of us will confirm and get you in. =D (I won’t be online tomorrow night, going to Mt. Rainier for a meteor shower event, woot!)

I like how I’m the one volunteered :smiley: But yeah, I tried looking for you online last night, Celva, but was running into the problem with being unable to /who people on Greymane. That’s…awkward. I do think, though, if you find us through the Looking for Guild tool (that we never use) and use that, we have the option to “Add as Friend” from those people and can try to find you that way? It’s worth a shot.

Thanks, Blizz. :expressionless:

I looked through the guild finder list (which is really long and full of garbage) and didn’t see the guild. You can add my battle tag and that way you can see/contact me regardless of what character I’m on at the moment. Celva#1718

Awesome, I’ll add you the next time I’m logged in =D

Haven’t heard from anyone so I’m going to park myself on the north side of Stormwind Lake between 10 pm and 10:30 pm EST. Right between the graveyard and dwarven district. I’ll be there hanging out with generic Stormwind Fisherman. Hopefully someone will stop by and give me a formal invitation to the guild. You can still add my battle tag to make it easier. Celva#1718

So… for some reason I thought this were an Alliance guild. How embarrassing. That would explain the issues. I wish you all the best.

Doh, that does make a lot of sense now! Well, if you ever decide to come to the dark side, you know where to find us =D

I did it. I am now an Orc and ready to party!

Interviewed and approved by Mir!

Welcome to the Horde! I think that is awesome that you’re joining us over here. Welcome to the guild also :slight_smile:

Did MIr mention we have brownies?