Application (Antyriel)

Hello Everyone,

I am Furiosa’s friend Antyriel. I’m a 28 year guy, looking for a new guild. Currently, I am a member of a guild of like 3 people that is just used for storage. I have played WoW since vanilla, went way too hard through Wotlk, and then took a massive break till the end of Pandaria. Now I play much more casually. I main a warlock, but have other 100 characters and a few I’m working on. I’ve raided with you guys a few times now and really enjoy the atmosphere and the people in your guild.

A little about me, I used to work for GameStop, but recently got a job with another tech based company which opened up my weekends and holidays to spend with my wife :slight_smile:. I have a pug named Wallace Wells, and he is a puppy terror, but is doing soo well with his training. I could eat Chinese food every day of the week.

Anyway, thanks for checkin’ out my app. Hope to hear from you guys soon.


So glad to see you app! =D Once you kill Archy with someone, everything else is just gravy =P

I had gravy for breakfast… over biscuits with sausage and egg. It wasn’t good for my body, but it sure as hell was good for my soul!
You know who else would have loved that… your pug. Pugs love gravy, but then they get gas… so do-not-give-pugs-gravy. =P
See, you learn something new everyday.


If you want to learn more about gravy, or play some more with people who LOVE gravy… just message anyone in guild for an quick interview and invite =D

emm emm good!

Interviewed and approved by Mir! Welcome to the lawn =D

Welcome to the Lawn!