Applicant- Mischievious

Hello Whats up all!!!
My name is Christy! I am fairly really new to WOW im on my 2nd month here and addicted :stuck_out_tongue: I am trying to find a guild to enjoy and have fun in, im fairly quiet til you know me lol, then after umm you will wanna tell me to shut it :stuck_out_tongue: im 35 yrs old, im on the west coast, i play wow with my bf who lives in East Coast in NC. but i would love to find a place i can call home with amazing peoples. I hope you consider me to join the guild :slight_smile:

Hey Christy,

Sounds like you’d be a pretty good fit (most of us are addicted and talk to the point of being smacked too xD)
Please message anyone in guild the next time you’re online for an officer.

Also, thanks for hanging in there with our little verification email issue!