Applicant: Meluzia

Hello all!

I am a 32-year-old Mexican American woman. I recently finished a doctorate in psychology, and, no, I am not analyzing you! Well… maybe a little. I have been playing video games all my life and have been playing WoW off and on since day 1. I love Pokemon and adding the Battle Pet feature in game drove me nuts. I have all the foxes, as they are my favorite animals. Currently I am focused on getting that friggin fox mount! Ugh, I want it so bad, my brother is sick of hearing about it. I tend to play most with my little baby brother Jebraxis. He talks to me about how much he enjoys this guild and I am super excited about it too, if I am accepted.

I am such a terrible person! Jeb told me your app was here and I went undead-braindead. xD The next time you’re on, please ask for an officer for a quick interview/invite. If you have any trouble finding one, Jeb knows how to get a hold of me out of game & I’ll pop in.

Mirosa=derp. xD