another get off my lawn

Have a guild of alts with the name get off my lawn. Didnt know there was another guild out there with the same name. My guild is just an alt guild, packrat here guidl bank full of stuff. Mostly solo a lot due to having bad guild exp in the past so thats when I decided to make my own guild for alt and more bank slot. So just wanted to intro myself you. Been playing wow since 6 mos after its release on and off, thats when i worked nights and had to stay up all night on my days off so played wow while ever one slept. Just rambling on as 60 yrs old do. Nice to meet ya… :slight_smile:

Welcome fellow cranky lawn protector. xD Thanks to cross realm we have found quite a few lawns with valiant protectors, and it is always great to meet them! =D

Just like you, many of our members have been yielding the garden hose since Vanilla, ensuring the sanctity of the endless green sea for years to come. Feel free to swing by anytime to share stories of glory and fertilization. We always have extra 80’s style lawn chairs and endless pitchers of both tea and lemonaid. =D