Dearest Guild:

First off I should tell you I am Canadian, I will say eh? for you and call you a hoser if you like, but it is not commonly a part of my vernacular. I will however talk about how cold it is and apologize for no reason, and I do drink ice tea and it is not cold tea with lots of sugar. I drink hot tea too. Tea is a mature drink. I’m an RECE at an early learning centre in Ontario, I was born and raised here. We live in a small community near Lake Huron and have a large lawn of about an acre and a half I believe. Strangers are asked to stay off by the use of written signs on posts in the driveway. We have people come and try to cross our lawn to see the salmon spawning and my husband will chase them off. At this point he does not shake his fist and call them whippersnappers, but I am certain this will happen one day.

I believe I am a good fit for this guild. I certainly meet the age requirement, Mature? I work with 1 and 2 years olds ALL day and then come home to 3 children of my own, and my husband occasionally regresses to his 9 year old self so mature sounds wonderful!

Not looking for specific classes? Wonderful!! I will always play a druid.

I’m definitely not about being first. I have been playing for 10 years I should be quite efficient at getting the next 10 levels when the expansions come out but guaranteed you will level your main and at least four of your alts before I get there, I like to take the scenic route. Definitely not in a hurry.

What can I offer the guild? I excel at getting lost, and getting stuck. I can surely be of help to anyone who is stuck or lost. Unless you’re in Dor’Danil Barrow Den, I swear they move the exit randomly and /guffaw at my desperate efforts to escape.

I will participate in guild events! If you’re doing a naked gnome run I’m there!

Bursting into dance? I’m there!

Sitting around a fire with friends and telling stories whilst your pet skunk chases someones cat? I’m there!

If I’m running a dungeon with you, I’m there because you need a healer, but it’s also because I’m hoping you’ll be the one to rejoin us after a wipe and autorun into a mob, or you will come with your fishing rod equipped so I can have a good giggle. I will always /dance while I am waiting in a guild run. In each druid form. Sometimes I will come with bunny ears on.

The fun in this game for me can be easily demonstrated by the 20 minutes i just spent trying to get Pepe to stand on my head. I am the least competitive person you have probably ever met. That being said, if there is something I want, like that mushroom chair they put in the firelands content? You know the one? Well I REALLY wanted to randomly sit on a mushroom chair so I burned right through that content. A piece of gear that will look nice? I will heal that dungeon run 50 times you will get every guild achievement possible in there while i try to get that piece.

My first record album? I think it was STYX. We also listened to the irish rovers on 8 track in our Maverick on the way to Santa’s Village if anyone knows what that means, and I had a HUGE tape recorder with reels that I used a microphone that plugged in to record music off the radio on.

I truly hope I have included enough relevant information here, I became away of your guild though Xpsyded, whom I know as Chinchang from Blades Edge. I believe he is a good reference as he is old and has a lawn. If he is not a good reference, and has perhaps been warned for various infractions, please forget I mentioned him.

Yours truly,

Adinaria (Adirunetotem on Tanaris)


My apologies for not responding sooner. Great apps, such as yours, need to be savored, simmered and then answered with the same level of spice. Now I’m hungry… damn.

I don’t know why, but I go in reverse on apps, so let’s start with Xpsyded, known simply as X. Why just a single letter? Because its way easier to yell ‘X’!!! during a run than ‘EXCITED’!!!. The later just doesn’t carry the right level of scorn or pain. You can growl the letter X, the other way, not so much. X as a reference gives you brownie points, as he’s an outstanding druid and person… unless we’re casually raiding and then everyone’s on my naughty list. (I kid! sometimes…)

You actually answered the album question and made reference to 8 tracks as if you have witnessed such lumbering and majestic beasts in the wild. This means both that you can follow simple instructions and well, you’re old like us. =P

Clearly you meet the people before pixels philosophy, well unless a mushroom chair is involved. Then I suspect you may look a little like one of those Black Friday Walmart shoppers (USA of course) who will seriously cut you for $5.00 off no name toaster. Tis ok, we all have our passions, and hopefully, reasonable health insurance.

Dor’Dani Barrow Den, and really all construction of an underground and Elven nature, is truly meant to starve and kill off the non-believers. Like an Ikea for WOW minus the meatballs, you better hope you have your hearthstone in good working order or else you and that stylish kitchen set you just picked up for a steal are never seeing the light of day again.

Dancing means you’re happy. Bunny ears means you may or may not be a giant house pet. Elk form dancing wins hoofs down. Naked gnomes are for roasting, which would be the only reason to spec fire as a mage. =P

True story, the band Nelson (you remember, those two blond calendar model guys from the early 90s) lived a town over and had motion sensors embedded in their lawn. Signs work also but perhaps pew-pew-lazzzzor turrets would be a sensible next step. Lawns are sacred things and should be well protected!

Now, if I didn’t scare you away, please do a /who Get Off My Lawn the next time you’re in game and ask to speak with an officer for a quick and painless interview. Well, I say quick, but in truth, my last interview lasted like an hour. It’s not my fault, honest, Pat was just way too much fun to chat with xD

I would like to add a non-officer approval of this App! I have played this game with “Adi” for almost as long as I have been playing. Yes she likes to dance, and when she is in tree form it is hard to differentiate between her dancing and/or her limbs frantically trying to prevent the wipe. Adi was the player who turned me on to druid healing. I am so glad she finally made the cross over to the other side so we can help her pursue those “mushroom chair” type toys and level. I’m going to set a leveling goal for her in 2015 of BC. She is definitely 100% GOML type material, and I look forward to running with her again!


A reel to reel player? Wow, my dad let me use his back when I was 7, the poor trusting man. Having cracked 50, remembering reminds me why GOML is such a great guild.

I was going to give you forum access but…I haven’t figured out how to do that yet (I might just need more coffee…)

Praiser helped me figure it out, so you should be good to go, Adinaria!