Add On List

With the SL Xpack out and folks gearing up for Heroics/Mythics/Raids thought I’d start by posting my personal add-ons. I’ve been using these for years (except for Identity-2) and they’ve all served me well to help my playtime be more enjoyable. Be it Healer, Tank, DPS, these are all helpful and I daresay some of them are required mods (PLEASE get GTFO if nothing else!!) if you want to find yourself as a wanted member of a party or raid. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy the game!

Gummer’s Addon List:

Bagnon (All in one bag addon)
Deadly Boss Mods (Boss Encounters)
Decursive (One click de-cursing)
GTFO (Keeps you out of bad stuff)
HealBot Continued (Healing Addon)
Identity-2 (Who you REALLY are)
Recount (Damage Meter)
Scrap(Junk Seller)